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Coachify Your Approach to Leadership

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Shift Your Mindset

Rediscover the fun in leadership.

Are you looking to improve your leadership effectiveness and have a greater impact? Do you need to find (or rediscover) your passion for leadership? If so, then you need to Coachify Your Approach to Leadership! 

Facilitated by Laura Baldwin and Savory Turman, certified professional coaches with deep expertise, this program will help you learn to shift your mindset, view daily problems through a different lens, and apply a new approach to your leadership.

When you register, you unlock access to all session topics, live Coaching Corner forum, and a one-on-one session with one of our coaches.


One low fee per employee.


                   per employee

Includes access to 10 recorded modules, monthly live coaching corners, and a 30 minute one-on-one session with a certified coach.
Leadership is hard

Coachify Your Approach to Leadership will help you...

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enhance self-awareness to maximize impact

When you have a greater understanding of yourself, you can elevate how you show up for yourself and your team. 

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Discover the lens of opportunity vs. the problem

Sometimes a simple shift of the lens can uncover a world of possibilities. Master simple techniques to turn the negative into a positive.

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embrace curiosity

Discover the impact of asking versus telling. Create space for inquiry and use questions to empower your team to solve problems and find solutions.

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Increase your satisfaction

Re-ignite your zest for leadership by incorporating coaching into your day-to-day. Learn how to create an environment of growth for you and your team.

Unlock your potential. 

Learn more about Coachify Your Approach to Leadership by getting in contact. Let's talk about how we can help you. 

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