If you are asking yourself how is it to play live roulette at online casinos, well, I, for one, I’d say it’s fantastic! Not only you have in front of you some beautiful women who will push the roulette wheel for you, but you’ll also have some very good odds with the European roulete game. Why should you play the American one since you have the best odds with the standard roulette tables? Roulette wheel with a single 0 is the most convenient for bettor amongst all online variants.

Before you get to bet at its tables you’ll have to download the software of your casino. Whether you’ll stop over a Microgaming or a Playtech one, you’re on track to have fun and hopefully to come out with some good money. Register as a real money player, make your first deposit and go fastly to the lobby. From here it will take you few seconds, I’m sure, to individuate live casino games rooms. Leave blackjack and baccarat for another time, and go straight to the European roulette tables, with some advantageous and simple rules and very, very good payments.

Casino games with live dealers have no RNG, which means that you won’t rely on software and won’t worry if this one is honest and secure. Although with a PlayTech/ MicroGaming platform such types of questions won’t ever arise- the two giants have an excellent reputation and you’ll play it safe. So we were taking about the lack of involvment of the random number generator for casino live games. How come? Well, these games are transmitted live, via webcam, and dealers are real people, flash and bones. This is what makes it all so realistic and that’s why more and more betters choose to stay around live casinos.

You’ll get paid each time you guess the number or group of numbers, just like at standard online roulette tables, so get sure you’ll know well the probabilities of the output of one or more numbers. Set yourself a daily limit for bets and make use of all particularly convenient rules and types of bets (.g. en prison, internal bets) to secure your victory. Remember, risks often involve some good rewards, still be smart and these will double.