How OpenMRS is Growing our Talent Pipeline While Solving Indicator Reporting Problems

Speak with any OpenMRS implementer, community member, or stakeholder about the challenges they face and you will probably hear about the headaches OpenMRS reporting causes and the limited availability of experienced developers. We’ve talked about the different ways we’re tackling OpenMRS reporting challenges in previous blogs and Talk posts. The question is……. What about our talent pipeline? When OpenMRS received

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Our Collaborative Future Together: Highlights from our first Virtual Spring Community Showcase & Meeting

In early April, close to 100 people from 20 countries and over 35 organizations attended our first two-day Spring Community Showcase & Meeting.  Country-level Priorities + Implementer Challenges = OpenMRS Community Directions Being user-driven is a fundamental OpenMRS value. At the global community level, we’re listening closely to what countries and implementers have to say about

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OpenMRS Platform 2.4.0 Released

Am pleased to announce that the long awaited openmrs platform 2.4.0 is released: The highlights in this release include: Replaced the fhir module with fhir2 module and support for R4 Upgraded spring to 5.2.9. Upgraded Hibernate to 5.4.21. Added support for Java 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 while not losing support for

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OMRS20: Walking Together Was the Perfect Theme

“Collaboration collaboration and collaboration would take us far and faster” Several sessions brought out multiple examples of community collaboration happening at the local, regional, and global levels. Our opening plenary’s speakers, Carol Kamasaka (Digital Health Specialist, Ministry of Health, Uganda) and Onesmus Kamau (Acting Head of the Division of Informatics, Ministry of Health, Kenya) shared

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OMRS20: What About Site Visits?

“Wish I could visit in person, but this was the next best visit.” The opportunity to go to a health facility and see health care providers actually using OpenMRS is usually an Implementers Meeting highlight. With this year’s virtual format, we weren’t quite sure how this could happen. NepalEHR to the rescue! Sanjay Poudel and

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OMRS20: A Virtual Experiment

We usually have about 175 people attend our annual OpenMRS Implementers Meetings each year. Our Global Events Team begins setting everything up with our host country team as early as March. People start making plans and bookings a few months later.  This year, the COVID-19 pandemic led us to make a change that made OMRS20

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OpenMRS Reference Application 2.11.0 released

It’s a moment of happiness for the OpenMRS community as we announce the OpenMRS Reference Application 2.11.0 release.It’s built on the OpenMRS Platform version 2.3.2 and includes updates and bug fixes of over 40 modules, unfortunately or fortunately we didn’t bundle spa module which was considered a hot cake at the beginning. Please see the

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Three Ways OpenMRS is Improving OpenMRS Analytics

At OMRS18, over 150 people brainstormed ideas about how we might make reporting easier. Ideas ranged from standarding reporting requirements to analytics tools to intuitive data pipelines to exporting data to other applications. Earlier this year, several contributors began turning these ideas into reality. Here are three areas where our community is working on together

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Making Community-Led Quality Assurance Happen

When the QA Team embarked on their journey to strengthen our community’s QA processes and tools, one of the first things they did was identify their goals as a team:  Community-led. Sustainable and robust testing processes and framework. Foster a culture of quality assurance in developer and implementer practices. To produce high-quality OpenMRS products. It’s

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Squad Showcase! An OpenMRS Show and Tell

Have you been wondering what the OpenMRS community has been working on this year? Since January, a growing number of squads in the OpenMRS Community are either exploring new technologies like Single Spa, improving existing modules such as OCL for OpenMRS, or in the case of the FHIR module, both. The innovation and collaboration happening

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