Year: 2021

OpenMRS Platform 2.5.0 Released

Am delighted to let all know that OpenMRS Platform 2.5.0 is released ! Something exciting and worth mentioning about this release is several features have been added with OpenMRS 3.0 in mind and that it’s beta phases have succesfully powered Refapp 2.12.0 and openmrs 3.0 with no issue/s recorded As such expect to find the following features in this Release :- Adding support

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Reference Application 2.12.1 Released

We are happy to announce the release of Reference Application 2.12.1, the latest maintenance release of the 2.12.x version of the Reference Application. The primary purpose of this update is to take advantage of the 2.4.2 release of the platform. Critical This release updates the version of Log4J2 to address CVE-2021-44228. This is a critical

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OpenMRS Platform 2.4.2 Released

We are happy to announce the release of Platform 2.4.2, the latest maintenance release of the 2.4.x branch. As a maintenance release, this primarily includes bug fixes. However, it does add support for Tomcat 8.x and Tomcat 9.x. Critical This release updates the version of Log4J2 to address CVE-2021-44228. This is a critical vulnerability and

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Driven by Real Needs: The OpenMRS Dictionary Manager Web App

Imagine you are setting up a Medical Records System at a new location. This new site may have 10, 50, 100, or more forms. Every single question and answer needs a code, so that clinical information can be stored correctly – e.g. “Asthma” might be coded by the computer as A1234. You feel overwhelmed thinking

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Reference Application 2.12.0 Released

Today we announce the OpenMRS Reference Application 2.12.0 release! It’s built on the OpenMRS Platform version 2.4.0 and includes updates and different bug fixes. It also includes, the SPA module, to allow implementers to begin to play with integrating the 3.x framework into their existing OpenMRS installs. Please see the Release Notes for more information.

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How OpenMRS is Growing our Talent Pipeline While Solving Indicator Reporting Problems

Speak with any OpenMRS implementer, community member, or stakeholder about the challenges they face and you will probably hear about the headaches OpenMRS reporting causes and the limited availability of experienced developers. We’ve talked about the different ways we’re tackling OpenMRS reporting challenges in previous blogs and Talk posts. The question is……. What about our talent pipeline? When OpenMRS received

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Our Collaborative Future Together: Highlights from our first Virtual Spring Community Showcase & Meeting

In early April, close to 100 people from 20 countries and over 35 organizations attended our first two-day Spring Community Showcase & Meeting.  Country-level Priorities + Implementer Challenges = OpenMRS Community Directions Being user-driven is a fundamental OpenMRS value. At the global community level, we’re listening closely to what countries and implementers have to say about

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