The Power of Innovation

Energizer's greatest product innovations. So far…

Energizer® EcoAdvanced®

eco advanced battery

Energizer® EcoAdvanced®

Our longest-lasting alkaline battery, and the world's first AA and AAA battery made with 4% recycled batteries.

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Energizer Max®

max battery

Energizer Max®

Energizer MAX® AA batteries now last up to 30% longer than previous Energizer MAX® AA batteries in digital cameras.

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Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™

ultimate lithium battery

Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™

Now the world's longest-lasting AA batteries.

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Energizer Recharge®

recharge battery

Energizer Recharge®

Energizer Recharge® joins Energizer® EcoAdvanced® as industry-leading batteries made with 4% recycled batteries.

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The Relentless pursuit of performance excellence

Energizer is forever pushing the boundaries of what's possible in battery technology. This constant passion to innovate has led to some of the highest performing power and lighting advancements ever created. It's what keeps Energizer at the forefront of new thinking, new exploring, new achieving. And it's what keeps Energizer consumers forever confident that the devices they rely on always have the power to surpass expectations.

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Energizer powers possibility

The more the rest of the world says it can't be done, the more Energizer scientists are motivated to get it done. "There's no such thing as a zero-mercury alkaline battery." So Energizer created one. "It's impossible for batteries to hold power for up to 10 years when not in use." So Energizer was a pioneer in developing the technology. "Manufacturing batteries using recycled batteries demands a compromise in power and durability." So Energizer created our longest-lasting AA and AAA alkaline batteries – made with 4% recycled batteries. "You can't protect batteries against leaking." So Energizer created the first no-leak guarantee. Much like our iconic Energizer Bunny, our passion for innovation just keeps going and going…

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Innovation - with a purpose.

Our passion to improve is driven by our consumers' need for reliability, longevity, responsibility and enjoyment from the devices that impact their lives. From toys to flashlights to cameras to hearing aids, today's technology is woven into the fabric of our daily lives; Energizer powers those devices and empowers those activities that make day-to-day life more complete and satisfying…for as long as technologically possible.

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A History of Innovations

Early History


Energizer invents the first dry cell battery for consumer use, becoming the first large-scale manufacture and distribution of a portable power source, which was used for early automobiles and telephones


Energizer provides a safer portable lighting alternative to candles and kerosene lamps with the invention of the flashlight

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The 1950s


Energizer introduces the first hearing aid battery, allowing for the miniaturization of hearing aids


Energizer creates the world's first 9-volt battery, which was first used in transistor radios, but also enabled other devices, like smoke detectors, to be developed


Energizer invents the world's first watch battery, which led to new watch technologies, feature and functions; no more winding watches


Energizer introduces the first alkaline battery, offering significantly longer run time in devices, while enabling development of more powerful devices

transistor battery
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Today and Beyond


Energizer develops EZ Change, the first Hearing Aid Battery Dispenser, which was designed for easier insertion of miniature batteries into hearing aids


Energizer introduces the first AAA lithium battery; the lightweight power of lithium is finally available for small portable devices, like wireless headsets and MP3 players


Energizer introduces Energi To Go to the marketplace, a battery-operated instant cell phone charger providing portable power for on-the-go cell phone users


Energizer Bunny officially becomes a dictionary definition: “A persistent or indefatigable person or phenomenon”


Energizer develops breakthrough PowerSeal™ Technology for Energizer MAX®, designed to prevent leakage while batteries are still in package


Energizer shines a light on its commitment to responsibility with a solar power awareness program to benefit families without electricity


Energizer produces the first child-resistant packaging for lithium coin cell batteries, designed to help keep kids safe from ingesting these smaller specialty batteries


Energizer develops the standard-setting No-Leak Guarantee to address a common battery issue – and help prevent it


Energizer goes where no battery has gone before to introduce the world’s first AA battery made with 4% recycled batteries with Energizer® EcoAdvanced®


Energizer innovation continues – we introduce our longest-lasting Energizer MAX®, Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ and Hearing Aid batteries in Energizer history, plus Energizer Recharge® batteries are now the world's first rechargeable batteries made with 4% recycled batteries

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The 1980s & 90s


Energizer introduces its wildly popular Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery® program for Daylight Savings Time fire-safety awareness


Energizer invents the world's first zero-mercury alkaline battery, reducing the number of mercury-containing batteries going into landfills


Energizer creates the first AA lithium battery, which was first used in high-powered devices like photoflash, remote-controlled toys and CD players. With the development of digital cameras, Energizer catapults into its own category of power with the world's longest-lasting AA battery in digital cameras


Energizer pioneers the world's first high-energy NiMh rechargeable batteries


Energizer is first to lead the transition to LED lights


Energizer Bunny named among the top 10 brands of the 20th century

energizer bunny
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A sense of innovation.
A sense of responsibility.

We feel a compelling sense of responsibility to our customers, but also to our planet, to reduce the environmental impact Energizer batteries have on the world. We're proud to lead our industry in bringing positive change and awareness, and we don't expect to slow down anytime soon. We consider it an important journey, and we urge you to Join our Journey as we continue to innovate with our products…in an effort to improve your life.

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A future of innovation - looking forward.

All the groundbreaking ingenuity that transformed Energizer from one power brand to THE power brand, is just the beginning. Frankly, we feel like we’re just getting warmed up; our inspiring look ahead is already showing stunning promise and potential.

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