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Human Resources

Simplify the complexities of managing people.

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Your practice success has never depended more on your employees.

The success of a health care practice or ambulatory surgery center is driven primarily by its employees. They ultimately determine how well a facility functions and services its patients. However, the complexities of the health care business often leave little time to properly focus on the important "people aspects" of running an organization — the hiring, training, and administration of personnel. 

With that in mind, we created a series of programs, tools, and resources to help organizations build a more streamlined and effective employee management framework. Developed by our consultants who have real-world experience running health care facilities, our service packages address common staff management challenges frequently found in ophthalmology, dermatology, plastic surgery, and aesthetic medicine practices, as well as ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) to ensure the "people aspect" does not get lost in the daily shuffle.

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Leadership development

HR can only be effectively managed and administered by a qualified, supported leadership team. However, some leaders never received formalized training or leadership development. Our consultants help you design a development plan that will demonstrate your commitment to your leadership team, providing improvements in communication, project management, and effective leadership.

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Leadership Recruiting 

Attracting top leaders takes time and resources. BSM can help strategically manage all aspects of the recruiting process — from conducting a detailed needs assessment to onboarding the selected candidate.

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Organizational Structure

Is your organizational structure and management team adequately poised to run your practice? Does your team have the appropriate number of leaders and staff? Our consultants can help you evaluate your team’s leadership skills, as well as essential HR metrics such as your management structure, staffing volumes, and efficiency benchmarks.

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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Connecting with staff and keeping team members happy can be both rewarding and challenging. Our comprehensive Employee Satisfaction Survey program provides a vehicle to collect anonymous employee feedback on issues that matter most to them. Let BSM manage the entire process for you, including reviewing your survey results and developing an action plan with one of our experienced HR consultants.

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EMployee Wage Scale

Fair and competitive compensation is an essential factor in attracting and retaining talent. Still, it can be challenging to know how the practices' employee wages compare to others in the marketplace. This program evaluates the job title, tenure, and hourly wages for our eye care and aesthetic clients, including optical and ASC employees.

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Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks memorialize practice policies, set expectations on topics such as cellphone use and dress code, and serve as a tangible management tool when addressing aberrant employee behavior. Our BSM Connection members enjoy access to an employee handbook template. But if you are looking for personalized support, our consultants can also help you review, update, or create new policies and procedures that align with current market trends.

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"Building a dynamic workforce is the foundation of a great business. Our BSM experts help you meet and exceed your people's needs with our library of HR tools and resources."

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Elizabeth Monroe, Senior Consultant

BSM Consulting

HR Programs & Services

BSM Consulting has several programs and services that can be tailored to meet your unique HR needs.

Our seasoned consultants have extensive HR backgrounds, various HR certifications, and practical experience in running health care practices. We make recommendations based on the content of each handbook, advise when to seek local HR counsel, and provide best practices on introducing new or changed policies to staff.

  • Course IconCreate a brand-new handbook
  • Course IconUpdate an outdated handbook
  • Course IconMerge two sets of handbooks

Many of our consultants have run practices and managed staff, so we know that staying connected while keeping everyone happily on board and moving in the same direction can be both rewarding and challenging. Our Employee Satisfaction Survey helps practices achieve that by allowing them to:

  • Course IconHear directly from staff on issues that matter most to them
  • Course IconGet grounded on practice-wide satisfaction and morale
  • Course IconIdentify the source of an employee problem
  • Course IconDirect development efforts for staff and/or management
  • Course IconSimply check-in with employees
  • Course IconDemonstrate renewed commitment to staff
  • Course IconImprove the office environment

Most would agree that fair and competitive compensation is an important factor in attracting and retaining talent, but it can be difficult to know how the practice's employee wages compare to others in the marketplace. Our Employee Wage Scale program solves that issue by providing comparative data specific to the eye care and aesthetic industries and regionally adjusts it to reflect the practice location. Our experienced consultants can assist with:

  • Course IconComparing practice staff salaries to industry benchmarks
  • Course IconShowing salary recommendations specific to geographic locations
  • Course IconDemonstrating how wage scales can be used to reward both tenure and experience
  • Course IconHelping the practice use data to develop a standardized staff compensation program

An in-depth online membership program providing 24/7 access to proven practice management tools, resources, and distance learning courses. BSM Connection provides you with the essential knowledge in the areas most important to business management. Included in the offering is a vast library of human resources tools and resources, including:

  • Course IconStaff training & courses
  • Course IconSample employee handbook
  • Course IconRecruitment & orientation tools
  • Course IconStaff Models
  • Course IconPersonnel forms & tools
  • Course IconOver 60 Sample job descriptions
  • no IconLEARN MORE

Schedule an initial complimentary consultation.

Sometimes it's helpful to talk things through. A complimentary consultation with a member of our human resources team provides an opportunity to discuss specific HR needs and mutually identify the ideal level of support. Since every engagement is unique, an initial consultation can help build a scope of work tailored to practice needs.

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