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Technician Recruitment Toolkit

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Jumpstart the technician recruitment process.

Though the process of seeking, hiring, and onboarding a new employee is seldom easy, today’s environment has brought newfound challenges. Practices report a lack of qualified candidates, requests for ever-higher base wages, and difficulties finding the time to train new hires.

This toolkit was developed by BSM Consulting, in conjunction with the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (ASOA), to help eye care professionals with various elements of the technician recruitment process.

The toolkit elements can be used in whole or in part to jumpstart a recruitment process, augment current efforts, and to identify key areas of opportunity to think even more creatively about attracting talent in today’s marketplace.

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Technician Recruiting Checklist

Help position your technician recruitment project for success. Assess your working environment, training resources, onboarding requirements, and internal champion criteria. This checklist allows for customization by your practice.

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Candidate Profile and Sources

Reframe what type of candidate you are looking for and where you are looking. This guide contains considerations when outlining ideal candidate characteristics and behaviors and potential avenues for sourcing candidates beyond a job posting. Also, sample communications for connecting with local resources/institutions are included.


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Compensation and Benefits Assessment Guide

A guide to analyzing your current compensation and benefits package, and how to highlight the full scope of the package offering to potential candidates (together with current employees).

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Hiring Best Practices Guide

Brush-up on hiring best practices, including sample interview questions, a reference checking form, and sample candidate communications.

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Technician Onboarding Checklist

Help ensure a structured and successful onboarding process by using this sample onboarding checklist. The checklist is provided in Excel for easy customization for your practice.

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Job Posting Guide

A guide to where to post, and what to post, to reach your intended target audience. Also includes supplemental resources to that can be customized to meet your practice’s needs.

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Collaterals for Marketing to Candidates

Attracting candidates means marketing your practice and the business of eyecare. Learn to create collaterals such as handouts and brochures that outline career path options, ongoing opportunities, and the benefits of working in eyecare. Also includes a sample presentation for marketing your practice to candidates in a group setting (i.e., career day).

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Job fair Preparation, Swag, and Best Practices

Make the most of your job fair opportunity. This resource includes essential items and best practices for attending a virtual or in-person job fair, together with examples of practice-branded swag that can be handed out to potential candidates, given to new hires, or used during ongoing practice events.

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