And they launched a new sportsbetting website: the new Titan Bet! With the 2010 Fifa World Cup coming up soon, there will be plenty of action on Titan Bet!

The new online sportsbook is full of competitions, teams, important statistical data, instructions,  future events, live scoreboards, glossaries and…bonuses! Its welcome bonus offer welcomes all new punters on their website with an interesting 100% free bonus, up to $ 250!

New and old punters are invited on the new Titan Bet to do their best of all odds and events on their website!

As we said earlier, the 2010 Fifa World Cup is almost here, so action won’t miss on Titan Bet, we’re sure of this!

Titan Poker and Titan Casino are the two other websites under this brand: a great, sparkle and professional brand. Either you choose to play casino games, online poker or online sportsbetting, Titan is definetely the answer to all your prayers!