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BSM Consulting is uniquely positioned to help you carefully evaluate potential investment targets in the ophthalmology and medical aesthetic sectors. With our long history and deep knowledge of these specialties, our consultants will work with you to thoughtfully assess investment opportunities. We provide thorough due diligence, research, and analysis to help you make solid decisions that will deliver the returns you are looking for. BSM experts are well-versed in health care industry trends, practice management, billing and coding chart audit work, and outpatient surgery services, making BSM the ideal partner for health care investors.

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Surgery Centers

Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) due diligence involves scrutinizing clinical and business operations, including assessing physical plant compliance with the Life Safety Code (LSC). Our Progressive Surgical Solutions team dives deep into these areas with thorough documentation reviews and onsite assessments. Investors will receive a comprehensive report, outlining compliance gaps, leadership deficits, opportunities for improvement, and associated costs

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Billing & Chart Audits

When you are considering a practice acquisition, an important part of the due diligence process includes a careful evaluation of provider charting and billing standards. BSM experts will undertake an audit of practice charts to ensure they are accurate, compliant, and supportive of claims. Our findings will identify any necessary corrective actions, helping you to avoid unwelcome surprises post-transaction.

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Operational Assessments

Efficient operations are of course essential to the ongoing profitability and success of a practice or surgery center following an acquisition. Our team of experts takes a detailed look at all aspects of the business from provider productivity, patient flow, human resources, compliance, and standard operating procedures. Investors can expect a detailed report of findings and recommendations that will help them evaluate potential returns.

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Market Research

Use our vast knowledge of practices nationwide to guide your decision-making process. Demographic, competitor, and other marketplace research allows our consultants to support investor clients in evaluating growth opportunities for potential acquisition targets.

"Completing a transaction without thorough due diligence is like buying a home without an inspection. Let our experts help you inspect your business opportunity to make the most of your investment.” 

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