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Collaborating with trade associations in a variety of ways.

BSM Consulting has a long-standing history with medical societies and trade associations and is a well-respected strategic partner and contributor to member services. Our work includes interaction with board of directors, executive directors, program managers, and other staff to help develop educational resources and business management tools to meet the needs of membership. 

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Member Education

With more than 35 years of health care consulting experience, our seasoned team can provide the education and training your members seek the most through podium presentations, webinars and podcasts, expert advice on panel discussions, and elearning courses.

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Private label WEbsites

Sometimes it's hard to find the time and resources to create and manage a website that connects you to your members. We can help with every step of the process and deliver meaningful information to your society.

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strategic Planning

Whether you need help with one aspect of your session or comprehensive, start-to-finish guidance, we can help you identify vision, determine important goals, improve operations, and focus on the right priorities. 

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Survey Development & Administration

Surveying members is one of the most effective ways to receive valuable feedback on member needs and concerns. We are here to take the burden out of conducting your own member surveys.

"For the past 35-plus years, our team has enjoyed excellent working relationships with many medical trade associations. In addition to speaking and teaching at many national society meetings, BSM has also partnered with numerous trade associations to deliver greater value to members.” 

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Emily Whitley, Senior Director

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