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Organizational Purpose & Alignment

The power of your purpose.

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Organizations that clearly define their purpose, mission, and active values to support them, are well positioned for long-term success. Purpose-driven organizations are clear about why they exist and how they plan to achieve their objectives. Connecting each person to the organizational purpose helps drive engagement and alignment and provides clarity for how each person's role supports success.

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What you do, for whom, and why.

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An aspirational statement of the future — where you want to go.

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The fundamental beliefs of your organization.

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The planned objectives that you strive to achieve.

"The team at BSM Consulting has helped us sharpen our organizational purpose through focused leadership development programs that have delivered a clear mission and set of core values that are foundational to our culture. BSM has made Skin by Lovely™ a better company."

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Jake Laban, CFO

Skin by lovely™
Oregon & California

Organizational Purpose

Did you know, 83% of Generation Z in the U.S. consider a company's purpose when deciding where to work? (Cone/Porter Novelli 2019)

  • Course IconFocuses energy on a common outcome
  • Course IconAllows for coordinated action
  • Course IconFacilitates team decision making
  • Course IconProvides a framework for setting goals
  • Course IconClarifies the relationship between individual roles and team goals
  • Course IconPromotes partnership and trust
  • Course IconDo you have a well-defined mission that communicates what you do and why?
  • Course IconAre your teams aligned with your organization's vision?
  • Course IconDo you have identified core values that set the foundation for how your team operates?
  • Course IconDo team members understand how their role supports the broader goals of the organization?


If you answered "no" to any of these questions, BSM Consulting can help you define and clarify your organizational purpose and provide strategies on integrating into your organization.

Ready to clearly define your purpose? 

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